2019 Medinea Outreach Programme

Medinea offers you to take part in a new artistic adventure. This year has been designated “European Year of Cultural Heritage”, by the European Union. At this occasion, Medinea has been selected by the EU to encourage and accompany young artists in the design of their outreach projects.

Today we invite you to conceive and realize your own outreach project!

What do we expect?

An outreach musical project

Target audience: It must be clearly identified (teenagers, inmates, elderlies…)
Context: Your outreach project will be conceived in collaboration with a local structure from your residential area (schools, associations, social institutions, hospitals, prisons etc.)
Timeline: Your project will take place between September and December 2019.
Theme: Free! Think about what YOU would like to share, why, and with whom.

What do we offer?

An invitation to an Outreach Skills Workshop in Aix-en-Provence, France

The selected project leaders will be invited to join an Outreach Skills Workshop in Aix in March 2019. During this workshop, they will benefit from individual coaching and artistic assistance by Mark Withers, leader of the workshop, and pedagogical responsible of the  London Symphony Orchestra-Discovery programme.


The communication on selected proposals and project leaders will get the label “Medinea”. The project leaders will be promoted to Medinea’s professional partners (27 Mediterranean music institutions) and to European institutions, on Medinea’s website and social networks.

How to apply?

To answer this call, please send your proposal by email in English or French at the following address:

The proposal will describe the idea of the outreach project, the target audience, the country, and city where it will take place, and the name of the people involved (the proposal can be carried out by one or more people). We don’t expect a fully detailed project. Your participation to the Outreach Skills Workshop, with professionals, will help you to develop your project.
If you have never participated to an Outreach Skills Workshop in Aix before or to an Intercultural Creation Session, you should join to your proposal an mp3 recording and/or a YouTube link (instrumentists AND singers).

We look forward to receiving your proposals!