Location: Milan, Italy

Conceived by a group of musicians, in collaboration with the “Clochard alla Riscossa” association (Italian for “Homeless Persons at the rescue”), the Dynamoscopio Association and the Municipality 6 and 8 of Milan, the project, in the shape of musical intercultural exchange, works towards a better inclusion of homeless people, evicted people and people at risk of eviction, including immigrants, living in Milan.

A workshop will be held by the project leaders at the Aldo Dice 26×1 social residence project on October 12th and 13rd for musicians living at the residence, including very young musicians and children, and external musicians in order to encourage a share of experiences. The output of the workshop will be one of the performances staged in Milan in October 2019. This will enhance the project’s visibility, for both its main social purpose (providing housing to evicted persons while waiting for houses allocated by the Municipality) and its musical programming. The first day will be dedicated to general methodology while on Sunday the afternoon concert will be organised.

Concerts will be the occasion to share the common Euro-Mediterranean cultural heritage and enrich it with influences from other continents as well (particularly from Africa and Latin America).

Concerts will take place in September-October 2019: this is usually the month in which the weather starts to be colder in Milan, so they will also be the occasion in which the Clochard alla Riscossa Association will start the collection of sleeping bags donated by citizens that will be distributed to homeless people during fall and winter. 3 double concerts in 2 locations of Milan are organised:

  1. Lorenteggio market – one of the main Milan’s markets in the Lorenteggio-Giambellino areas, in which many families under eviction or at risk of eviction live
  2. Piazzetta Capuana – in the heart of Quart Oggiaro neighborhood, in which many families under eviction or at risk of eviction live


Concerts will involve various bands composed of musicians coming from different cultural backgrounds:

  1. Bar Boon Band – blues, funk and rock band composed of Italian and Guinean musicians, born to entertain homeless people at the Central Station of Milan
  2. Dissòi Lògoi (Franco Parravicini) – composers of the music of the documentary “On the Bride’s Side”, Mediterranean music
  3. Gafarov Ensemble – folk and art music from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan
  4. Allayali – music from Morocco
  5. Musica Spiccia – folk music from Italy, Europe, Russia, Balkans, Spain, Africa and Latin America, integrating disabled musicians
  6. Final concert played by the musicians who will take place in the September workshop, including children living at the Aldo Dice 26×1 social residence (social housing project)


The agenda for the concerts is the following:

– 22/09/2019,  7:30-10:30pm: Bar Boon Band + concert involving the participants in the workshop, at Piazzetta Capuana

– 29/09/2019, 5-8pm: Dissòi Lògoi + Vie del Mondo ensemble, at the Lorenteggio Market

– 06/10/2019, 5-8pm: Aziz Riachi (music from Northern Africa) + Gafarov Ensemble (music from Middle East) at Piazzetta Capuana

The projects leaders are Eugenia Canale, piano player, participant in Nuoro Jazz International Summer Workshops in 2018, and Luca Tagliabue, harmonica player, participant in Medinea intercultural creation session of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra in Nuoro in 2018. The project leaders commits themselves to share the methodology learnt in the Outreach skills workshop in Aix-en-Provence with other musicians in a workshop that will be hosted at the headquarters of the Clochard alla Riscossa association before the first concert.

The other musicians involved are Wainer Molteni, DJ, President of the Clochard alla Riscossa Association; Maria Torelli, bass and double bass player, participant in Nuoro Jazz International Summer Workshops in 2016 and 2017; Andrea Grumelli, bass player, participant in Nuoro Jazz International Summer Workshops in 2016 and 2017; Fabio Calabrò, ukulele player and teacher, including in the Aldo Dice 26×1 social residence; Maurizio Rotaris, leader of the Bar Boon Band.