The Medinea network

Artists and music professionals from the Mediterranean Basin involved in projects developing links between music, society and heritage.


Intercultural creation session in Nuoro

16-30 August, 2018

Ente Musicale di Nuoro hosts a new intercultural creation session, within the stimulating frame of the 30th Nuoro Jazz Festival. During two weeks, under the coaching of Fabrizio Cassol, jazzman and composer, 10 young Mediterranean musician-improvisers experiment ensemble life in creation before the closing performance (broadcast available here) programmed by the Nuoro Jazz Festival. For […]


Intercultural creation session in Aix-en-Provence

5-21 July, 2018

This intercultural creation session of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra is designed to a dozen of future professional musicians from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region (France) and from the Mediterranean practicing musical improvisation (jazz, traditional musics…) if composition. This training session offers an intercultural experience of an ensemble life in creation, rehearsals and concerts on tour within […]


Outreach skills workshop 1

16-19 November, 2018

This is the course for you if you believe that musicians are versatile artists and loyal citizens who want the art they passionately endorse to reach the masses, and that their ability to interact with audiences – no matter if they’ are newcomers, youngsters or remote – is both asset and source of mutual benefit! […]



Portuguese drummer

Diogo Filipe Quintino Alexandre is a Portuguese drummer born in 1998. He is especially known for his distinct, bold drumming style, whose unique voice never goes unnoticed, regardless of the musical context, perhaps a reflection of his need to outdo himself and to push music and improvisation forward to ever higher levels. His interest in […]


Joseph AOUAD

Lebanese guitarist

Joe Aouad (April 1st 1991) is a Lebanese guitarist, Composer/Arranger who discovered his passion for music at a very young age, speaking the language before learning how to read and write it. Joe’s style can be described as a bouquet of his influences, for he was exposed to the enchanting melodies of oriental (middle eastern) […]



Turkish baglama player

Ahmet Ozan Baysal, who particularly specialized on Bağlama performance and Şelpe techniques, received his bachelor’s degree from Selçuk University – Music Education Faculty in 2010 and graduated from Ethnomusicology master program of Istanbul Technical University – Music Department (Center for Advanced Studies in Music – MIAM) in 2013. He continues Bağlama Performance Studies under Music […]



Tunisian violinist

Akram Ben Romdhane, a Tunisian violinist, began studying violin in his native country, in the class of Rachid Koubaa at the Higher Institute of Music of Tunis, where he obtained a Bachelor in violin and musicology in 2011. His desire to perfecting his art drives him to travel and discover other approaches of playing the […]



Medinea meetings

The main achievement of the 2018 Medinea meetings were the adoption of the Manifesto by the network’s members. The role of this Manifesto is dual: – Bringing Medinea members together towards a common vision: identify clearly and state publicly what are the common convictions and the objectives of the network. – Formalise the membership to […]


New programme

Medinea Outreach programme

In the frame of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Medinea launches its outreach programme aiming at assisting the emerging artists to develop and carry an outreach project. A call for proposals was addressed to Medinea’s artists community. The projects are all musical, addressing a clearly identified audience (often with little access to music), conceived […]

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