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Artists and music professionals from the Mediterranean Basin involved in projects and developing links between music, society, and heritage.


Nuoro session

15 - 30 August 2019

The intercultural creation session of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra (MYO) is open to a dozen of young and talented musicians from the Mediterranean basin (building their careers to become professional artists) and who have an intense practice of musical improvisation, even of the composition. the session is designed for a large diversity of musical aesthetics […]


Introductory session

20 - 25 January 2020

This multi-session training programme to raise public awareness of the arts gives young artists the opportunity to put their musical talents into practice and to develop their professional skills outside of the concert hall, and thus reach out directly to audiences. Its aim is to help each participating artist to design and implement his or […]


Valletta session

13 - 27 February 2020

The four 2020 Intercultural Creation Sessions of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra (MYO) are each open to a dozen of young and talented musicians from the Mediterranean basin (building their careers to become professional artists) and who have an intense practice of musical improvisation, even of the composition. Each session is designed for a large diversity […]



Greek violonist

Born in Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A, Athina started classical violin at the age of 7, but now she is playing traditional/folk and she is interested in different kind of violin playing and world music. She graduated from the Music High School of Thessaloniki. As a member of the Music School Choir, she took part in many festivals and workshops. She […]



French musician

Born in Briançon, France, he started playing violin and piano when he was 5, later organ and baroque violin. After his studies at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud of Aix-en-Provence, he has been admitted in 2018 in the baroque violin class of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (CNSMD) in Lyon. Immersed very early in a […]



Tunisian singer

Native from Sfax in Tunisia. University degree in music and musicology in 2018 at the Music University of Sfax. Belongs to 24 perfumes headed by Mohamed Ali Kammoun and orchestra of Malouf of the University. She started teaching music in a private school in 2017 she also participated in many festivals such as: – Festival of Madine […]


Elif Canfezâ GÜNDÜZ

Turkish musician

Born in Istanbul, Elif Canfezâ Gündüz graduated from the classical kemenche class of 2016 mentored by Ms. Neva Özgen at the Musical Performance Department of Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music Conservatory. She has been a guest performer at the Istanbul State Ensemble of Turkish Music Research and Performance. Furthermore, she was entitled to receive an […]


Simone SORO

Italian musician

Simone Soro is a violinist and composer. He plays various musical genres: classical, tango, blues and jazz music. He graduated and specialized with a master’s degree in violin at the conservatory of Cagliari, Italy. He studied with Felice Cusano at the “Accademia in Fiesole” and with Marco Rogliano at the “Accademia in Pavia”. He studied […]


Medinea and its partners activities

Opening of the 2020 applications

Open your view to the Mediterranean by exploring intercultural and improvised music with the help of the jazzman and composer Fabrizio Cassol during the intercultural creation sessions and develop your transmission skills and ease to work with different audience under the guidance of Mark Withers – clarinettist and community education projects leader at the London […]


Medinea and its partners activities

Overview – 2018-2019 Outreach skills sessions

These training sessions help participants gain professional skills that are vital today so that artists can carry out innovative and participatory projects for highly diverse audiences. Experimentation and musical improvisation are the core of the learning process: they help individuals develop their creativity by drawing inspiration from their own cultural heritage and encourage intercultural initiatives. […]


Press and overviews

Press reviews

Intercultural creation session – Istanbul, Turkey – April, 2019   Intercultural creation session – Hammamet, Tunisia – March, 2019



Medinea receives support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation

We are proud to officially announce that the Stavros Niarchos Foundation support our ambition to stimulate in a sustainable and tangible way intercultural collective musical creation. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) is one of the world’s leading private, international philanthropic organizations, making grants to nonprofit organizations in the areas of arts and culture, education, health […]

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