Professional Development for Artists

The series aims at providing a toolkit for the young artists on essential keys at the early stage of a career: activating your networks, implementing an outreach action, communicating on social networks or getting ready your promotional toolkit are some of the subjects being introduced in the videos. Our speaker Christiane Louis, Head of Career Development Unit at the Philharmonie de Paris, joined the Medinea sessions to coach the sessions’ musicians on their career. The coaching session dedicated in the first place to musicians from the Medinea community can be useful to artists from different backgrounds, fields or activities as well.

Instant Collective Creation

The unique experience of collective composition sparks passionate insights and discussions and through these videos, we offer an insight into certain aspects that are in direct relation with the need to create communal spaces for expression. Fabrizio Cassol, musical director of the Medinea sessions and pedagogical responsible for the series will be our guide in this journey. Through the different sessions and the guests artists he invited, Fabrizio Cassol shares his own particular approach on collective creation. Each module will raise young artists’ awareness of collective creation through a specific hook.

Medinea concerts

Find bellow the recorded ending concerts of the Medinea sessions


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