Location: Fontainebleau, France

In traditional music as in jazz, cultural heritage is mostly transmitted by orality. It relies on basics (voice, rhythm, and dance) and is imbued with the authenticity of music.

Great musicians such as Keith Jarrett, Thelonius Monk, Cecil Taylor or Steve Lacy, transmit their music in an original approach of improvisation and thus open the path to other musicians and to neophytes.
During this piano masterclass, we show some of these techniques. From exercises accessible to all (simple, fun, and without music theory), we invite the teenagers to experiment them. It is an accessible, different and complementary approach to the traditional teaching of piano.

We will discover the piano as a whole:
– Scratching, rubbing, and plucking the strings
– Percussions inside the piano
– Making use of the pedals
We also tackle the notion of musical interaction with the double bass. At the end of the masterclass, we exchange about what our feelings.

The aim of this masterclass is to desacralize the instrumental practice and give access to an audience who may feel far from this practice, to share a time of improvisation that will lead each of the teenagers to discover a form of free expression, to explore her creative potential. This experience helps to work on self-confidence, by daring, and listening to the others, in complementarity with the help brought in by the institution accompanying them.

Project leaders:
Leïla Soldevila and Pascal Neveu

Place :
MECS – Maison Educative à Caractère Social, 77300 Fontainebleau, France