Age: 27 years old

Country: Tunisia

Ahmed Litaiem is a young talent born in Tunisia where he studied classical oriental music and improvisation, step by step he started giving interest in other styles like North African music and Jazz.
As he was going forward his career he played with several local bands like Wajdi Riahi Quartet, Darimba by Wassim Benrhouma, Parfums by Mohamed Ali kammoun with whom he travelled in each region of Tunisia searching for his original roots, then he played in both of the symphonic and the philharmonic orchestras of Tunis and started travelling to play among other talented musicians in the world (in Paris, Rome, Sardinia, Athena, Morocco, Abidjan …)
Now his only goal is showing his beautiful instrument the Ney to the whole world and having no limits to achieve it.

Photo credit: Konstantinos Mindcrimek