Age: 29 years old

Country: Tunisia

Mohamed Amin Jarraya is a young Tunisian Oud player and singer. Owner of a master’s degree from the Higher Institute of Music and Musicology of Tunis specialized in Arabic Aoud interpretation, he is currently working on his reasearch on the influence of musical practice on cognitive performance in Tunisian students, which aligns with his job as Music Teacher in the National Conservatory of Hammam Linf (worked in various schools as well). He has had many well-known professors such as Hamdi Makhlouf, Nabil Saied and Beshir Gharbi – among others- who have shaped his skills in playing and performing, which led him to take part in many concerts, and paved the way for him to join the National Orchestra of Tunisia. He has also been a member of the association Tunisia88 which aims at starting music clubs in Tunisian schools based in remote areas.