Age: 32 years old

Country: Morocco

Ribab player and singer, he was born in Biougra, a small┬ácity of the Chouka province in Ait Baha. He was influenced by Amazigh culture from his childhood, he learned at a very young age the foundations of the Amazigh music styles such as the art of Rways, Ajmak, Ahyad, Hwara, Tagnaouit Soussiya “Ismgan” and was especially affected and more interested in the art of Rways, he learned the Ribab ( type of bowed string instruments) and chose it as his favorite instrument. Since the age of 14, he continued learning other instruments.

“Because the amazigh art and music isn’t a very known thing in the world so i decided that i want to deliver my new style of music and showing the depth of our Amazigh culture around the world”.


Photo credit: Hicham Laabd.