Borislav GALABOV


Age: 32 years old

Country: Bulgaria

Borislav was born in Bulgaria –Zvanichevo village. When he was seven, he started to sing, and later he started to play gadulka (Bulgarian national instrument ). At fourteen, he started to study in National school for folk arts ‘’Filip Koutev’’ in Kotel city. In 2011, he finished with specialty –Gadulka. In the same year he started to work in ensemble ‘’Trakia’’ Plovdiv and studied in Plovdiv academy with a specialty in Conducting. He writes arrangements and music for singers and dancing groups. He creates his own group for Bulgarian folk music “Bagri’’. He and his girlfriend Diyana Vasileva participate in international projects one of which in Denmark and recording CD ‘’ Ethno lab‘’. Now Borislav Galabov lives in Sofia and works as a musician  in Bulgarian National Ensemble ‘’Filip Koutev’’