Double bass

Age: 27 years old

Country: Malta

Dean is an electric and double-bass player based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Coming from the island of Malta, his introduction to music came in the form of jamming with friends from school, moving then onto the metal scene where he played with various bands for 3 years, and finally finding his way into the local jazz circuit, going on to play at the local jazz festival several times and on foreign stages. At this time he dedicated himself fully to playing with as many people as possible, regularly performing 4 nights a week with musicians whom he had met the first time on the bandstand. Needless to say, this was a very formative experience through which he got acquainted with the standard jazz repertoire, and in 2017 he decided to pursue formal training at the Codarts Conservatoire in Rotterdam where he is doing his 3rd year of B.Mus. (Jazz).
At the moment Dean has a number of projects with whom he performs regularly. Last year he recorded on 3 albums and played in 6 countries with the following bands:
Blue Tangerine: A Franco-Maltese nonet playing Brazilian music inspired by Hermeto Pascoal and contemporary jazz, debut released last year.
I N D A: Noise-rock, a harmony-less trio with influence from electronica including techno and EDM.
Loek van den Berg Quintet: Classic 5-piece jazz quintet with saxophone and trombone with a lyrical and energetic flare.
Eargonauts : Odd-time signatures, free improvisation and experimental rhythmic patterns underlying melancholic melodies, album debut released last year.

Photo credit: Lumi Pulkkinen