Eirini Zogali


Country: Greece

Born in Corinth, Greece Eirini Zogali started her music studies in the age of 7 with classical guitar. In 2009 she got accepted in the local music school where she took an interest for the first time in Greek traditional music and in tampoura, a three string instrument with great music history. From tampoura she transitioned to the Greek bouzouki (also three strings) in the age of 15 and coordinated with it deeply. In 2015 she started her bachelor studies with specialization in the bouzouki at the Department of music science and art in Thessaloniki. During her studies there she experienced different styles of Greek, Balkan and Turkish music, with bouzouki as a tool of translation. With the guide of her teachers she learned how to come in touch with the essence of the instrument, which was created by constant experimentation and change in the techniques and the tunings, and that’s how she likes to represent it. After her graduation she got accepted to the Master programme of Codarts, Rotterdam where she studies the percussive side of the oud (an instrument also of great importance to her) and its possibilities, while at the same time she is teaching the bouzouki with students from all over the world.

Photo credit: Iris Molivda