Francesca Remigi


Country: Italy

NY-based musician, Francesca Remigi is a polyhedric drummer, an inquisitive improviser and a visionary composer from Bergamo, Italy. Nuova Generazione Jazz 2021 (ItaliaJazz) and Top Jazz 2022 (Musica Jazz) winner, Francesca is known for her international collaborations in the avant-garde and free improv jazz scene featuring musicians such as Steve Lehman, Danilo Perez, Kris Davis, George Garzone, Val Jeanty, Immanuel Wilkins, Marion Hayden, Ellen Rowe, Sharel Cassity, Joachim Florent, Bruno Chevillon, Yuhan Su and many others, with appearances at international festivals such as EFG London Jazz Festival 2020, DC Jazz Festival 2021, Panama Jazz Festival 2022, Chile Jazz por la Paz 2022, L’Off Jazz Festival 2022 (Montreal), Melbourne Jazz Festival 2022…

Francesca’s main project Archipélagos has performed in festivals and venues all over Europe (So What’s Next? Festival 2021, Bergamo Jazz 2021, Ambria Jazz 2021, Novara Jazz 2022, Sile Jazz 2022, Pisa Jazz 2022, Edinburgh Jazz & Blues 2022,…). It has won several jazz competitions such as Barga Jazz Contest 2021 and All You Have to do is Play 2019, and it was also one of the finalists of the Maastricht Jazz Awards 2020 and of the Gexto Jazz Competition 2022. Archipélagos’ first album Il Labirinto Dei Topi was published in 2021, “one of the most exciting debut albums I’ve heard in recent memory” according to Steve Lehman. Francesca’s second album The Human Web was released March 2022. In Linda May Han Oh’s words, “Francesca is a bold and vibrant musical force.The Human Web’s compositions are edgy, thoughtful, and played with a compelling fervor that insists that you come along for the ride. A ride that I can guarantee is well worth it.”

Berklee Global Jazz Institute alumna Francesca Remigi is one of the founders of the independent label “Habitable Records” and she’s also working for The Jazz Gallery in NYC. She has participated in many different mentorship programs and artistic residencies, such as UmbriaJazz 2012, SienaJazz 2018, Banff Jazz Residency 2019 directed by Vijay Yier and Tyshawn Sorey, La Casa del Jazz Artistic Residency 2020, organized by MIDJ association, the “Mutual Mentorship for Musicians” (M3) program, run by vocalists Jen Shyu and Sara Serpa and the Medinea Session in Nuoro, under the artistic direction of Belgian saxophonist Fabrizio Cassol.

Photo credit: Kelly Davidson