Gentiana AHMETI


Age: 33 years old

Country: Kosovo

After her elementary and secondary Music Professional School in her Hometown in 2010, Gentiana started a Bachelor’s degree for Flute at Academy of Arts in Prishtina, with Professors Venera Kajtazi and Eremira Citaku until 2014, and finished her Master’s degree for flute at Academy of Arts in Pristina in 2015.

During her studies, she played as a soloist with the Kosovo Philharmonic and during these last two years, she took lessons from the Flutist Lydia Oshavkova in Bulgaria.

She Participated in Friedrich Kuhlau’ International Flute Competition in Berlin in 2011, every year she has Recital Concerts, Gentiana is as well a Regular Member in ‘’Trio Chantee’’ and a regular participant of the “Flute sounds” Festival and “GumuslukFest”  in Bodrum, Turkey, where she also takes regular lessons from Flutists: Raffaele Trevisani and Bulent Evcil. She also has been part of ‘’ Remusica and ‘DAM’ festivals. In 2015 she was accepted in Italy “Scuola di Fiessole’’ one year Course.

Except for classical music, she also attends and is a regular member of the traditional ensemble in her Hometown. She is interested in improvisation, especially in Oriental Music and currently works in Music School, where she gives Flute Lessons.

Photo credit: Ardiana Kastrati