Age: 29 years old

Country: Tunisia

Ghazi Khanchouch is a young Tunisian musician, researcher and teacher. Born in a family full of musicians, he started learning and playing since childhood in a traditional way (oral and non-transcripted music). He joined the conservatory of Hammam-lif to learn about the fundamentals of western music theories when he was 14. After his high school diploma, he started his classes in L’institut supĂ©rieur de musique de Tunis in 2013, getting his bachelor’s degree in Music and Musicology in 2016.
Actually, he is finishing his researches in ethnomusicology about north African music, working as a freelancer.
He played – in Tunisia and all over the world – with many bands and groups: from wedding bands to cruise ships, from cabarets to symphonic orchestras, and participated in many great intercultural projects (in this moment playing in the project Orfeo & Majnun)
Besides, he is now exploring the domain of teaching music, especially the verbal/oral one, not-transcripted and without academic theories.

Photo Credit: Studio Boumhal