Age: 26 years old

Country: France

Through a search for energy and trance in music, he works to dig into the matter of sound. He immerses himself in the discovery of an open, organic and vibrant playing. Loup is passionate about the act of improvising. The sound of the Drum is an obsession and an ever-evolving work. This is what led to his evolution as a musician. He started playing the drums in Cluny, his hometown, at the age of 6.

The rock sound of the Drum is one of the first contacts he had with music, and when the desire for improvising arrived, he started playing jazz. He studied jazz at the conservatory of Macon, Lyon, and Paris. Jazz is one of the music he played the most for many years.

After meeting and working with great contemporary jazz improvisers such as Bob Gulloti, Francisco Mela, Bob Moses, Ralph Peterson during his travel to the United States, he became very inspired by musicians like Sylvain Darrifourcq, Ramon Lopez, Benoit Delbecq, Tony Buck. He started studying drums in a different way to play as a colorist and got interested in European ways of improvisation.

By evolving in this way, he will work with great french improvisers like Simon Goubert, Denis Badault, Joe Quitzke… All these musicians will form him to perform engaged, improvised and free music. Now, he mainly plays in projects that mix oral composition, writing and free improvisation.

Among others, he co-created the trio Felsh which mixes contemporary writing and free improvised music, plays in Sornette a quartet inspired by the music of Ornette Coleman, plays in the free improvised music electro-acoustic band SCP-055, his love for the large ensemble drove him to co-created La Horde, a band of 10 musicians with two rhythm sections inspired by rock, improvised music and jazz.

Photo credit: Wiileewallart