Age: 23 years old

Country: France

Loup started playing the drums in Cluny, his hometown, at the age of 6. Through his influences and listening, he quickly became interested in jazz and improvised music. Being the only musician in his family, he will have to have a great desire to learn and a strong motivation. It is precisely his desire and his motivation that will lead him to meet and study with musicians from very wide universes such as Simon Goubert, Laurent Dehors, Stephane Payen, Didier Levallet, Vincent Courtois.
Thanks to his meetings and his link with the Crescent jazz club he will meet Francois Gallix (jazz bassist and founder of the crescent jazz club) with whom he will do many projects. He will have the opportunity to play and chat with very accomplished musicians such as Etienne Déconfin, Boris Blanchet, René Urtreger, Hélène Labarrière, Stephane Moutot, Manhu Roche, Christian Vander. All these artists will help him to evolve on his instrument and will open his improvisation capacities.
Between 2018 and 2019 he will make several trips to the United States (Boston / New York) and will take lessons with Jonathan Barber (Pat Metheny, Vision Ahead), Neal Smith, Bob Gullotti (The Fringe) Georges Garzone, Ralph Peterson. These musicians will teach him a lot about instrumental technique but also about the knowledge of free jazz and improvisation. During his evolution, he will be passionate about generative improvisation, sound trance, repetitive music. He will create a contemporary music project (FELSH). He will have the chance to study with excellent improvisers such as Benoit Delbecq, Steve Arguelles, Ramon Lopez, Daniel Humair.
Through a search for energy and trance behind the instrument, he works to innovate in the drumset, in the sound matter. He immerses himself in the discovery of an open, organic and vibrant style.

Photo credit: Wiileewallart