Age: 26 years old

Country: Morocco

Passionate about music, he began studying violin in the Conservatory of the Royal Gendarmerie at the age of eight. Since then, it has grown steadily and received numerous awards in the framework of competitions for young artists: a first prize of the 2009 national string competition and graduated with honours from the national competition in 2013.
Graduate of the National Conservatory of Music of Rabat in 2017 and during his previous jobs in particular, he has been able to expand his repertoire and learn to play for different audiences, solo or with various people by being part of the Youth Orchestra of Morocco since 2017, and of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra in 2018…

His university curriculum also allowed him to evolve in this direction, he obtained his professional license in music education and animation of musical structures in 2018 and since then he is a teacher of music education in Rabat. And currently, a student in Master aesthetic education and management of crafts art and culture.

Photo credit: Safaa Elmansoury