Marouane MZOUGH


Age: 33 years old

Country: Morocco

Marouane is a young Musician from Oujda, a city in the Far East of Morocco, he’s mainly specialized in playing wind instruments as well as singing. His Musical journey started since childhood while playing with neighbourhood groups who play cultural “Issawa” and “Dakka Marrakchia” two Moroccan traditional genres based on traditional wind instruments and percussion.
After a few years, Marouane was introduced to play with “Farka Nohassiya” a multi-instrument band from Oujda where he was inspired by the Trumpet and therefore he started studying the instrument in the National Conservatory of Music in Rabat – Capital of Morocco to succeed on making it to his 6th year of studying the trumpet after finishing 3 years of studying Music Theory.
In the past 5 years, Marouane started to be active on Oujda’s local Music scene while participating with Art associations as a musical event promoter and musician performer, one of his remarkable experiences that time was “Féstival Culture Métisse” an artistic residency between Musicians from Mauritania and Morocco in which he was introduced to a different culture with different musical background. In the same time, he’s the co-founder of the Band Snitra as a lead singer and multi wind instrument player “Trumpet, Zamer and Ghayta”, along with his other 7 mates from the band have succeeded to print a special fusion touch from different regional, national and international genres of music and turn them into creative songs that has led the band in 2019 to win the first prize of “Tremplin L’Boulevard” one of the most known music Festival and competition in Morocco.

Photo credit – Max Team Production