Age: 28 years old

Country: France

Noé Clerc, born in 1996 is a multi-talented accordionist. Born in the South West of France, he studied classical and contemporary accordion at the CNSM (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique) followed by further studies in jazz and improvised music.
As a curious and passionate musician, he performs and records with various ensembles in France and abroad. With jazz and world music ensembles such as the franco/Serbian «Undectet Band», the flautist Magic Malik, the Israeli Oud player Habib Sheadeh Anna and his project «Our Story» which mixes Jazz and Arab music, with the Quartet of the Bulgarian guitarist Dimitar Blagoev and with the Balkan music ensemble «Kosmopolitevitch» He worked in India with the tabla player Zaheen Khan and the singer Ujwal Nagar, a project supported by the «Kalasetu» company. He founded the Noé Clerc Trio in 2018 playing personal compositions. His trio won the «Leopold Bellan» and «Jazz à St Germain des prés» competitions.
Mainly a jazz musician, he believes in performing in many different genres. He performs regularly with symphonic orchestras and chamber music ensembles such as the Opera National de Lorraine, La Symphonie de Poche, conducted by Nicolas Simon, l’Orchestre Régional de Normandie and with contemporary composers such as Bruno Ginner and Philippe Hurel amongst others.
He also performs in the comedian Antonio Interlandi’s show «Pasolini en forme de Rose» where the life of the director Pasolini is illustrated with J.S Bach’s music. As a passionate and curious musician, he is always on the lookout for new musical adventures.

Photo credit: Eric Spiridigliozzi