Country: Lebanon

Rodolphe Manoukian, born in Beirut in 1994, is a Lebanese-Armenian percussionist. He is known for his unique style of fusing different genres of music in his performances. His high skills led him to accomplish many achievements.

Rodolphe started his musical education when he was just 9 years-old in the Lebanese conservatory. At the age of 14, he joined the LEBAM Orchestra that allowed him the opportunity to be a part of Geneva’s Victoria Hall concert in 2010. When he turned 16, Rodolphe started his music career: he joined and created bands throughout the years, he taught music lessons privately and at the Ecole des Arts Ghassan Yammine, and produced his own percussion show.

After leaving the conservatory, Rodophe began his self-taught musical journey where he worked hard on himself to become a professional tabla/percussion player. This is when his name started to become known in the music industry, nationally and abroad. He worked in various countries like Qatar, Syria, Dubai, Erbil, and Jordan where he performed at the Opera House.

Rodolphe had the honor to participate in 2 important festivals: In 2016, his audition for Aix-en-Provence Festival was accepted, he was selected amongst 12 musicians from around the world to participate in the Intercultural Creation Session in France. He had the chance to perform in concerts held in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence and Milano under the supervision of the saxophonist Raphael Imbert. His success in the first audition led him to be selected for the second time to be part of Nuoro Jazz Festival in Italy during the summer of 2019 that was directed by the pedagogic composer Fabrizio Cassol.

Rodolphe has numerous new projects in the works, and he’s working on a new album.

Photo credit: Rodolphe Manoukian