Age: 30 years old

Country: Tunisia

Originally from Tunis, and besides being a professional musician, Salah is also a teacher. He started learning and playing since childhood in a traditional (oral) way. He joined the conservatory of Bizerte for three years to learn about the fundamentals of oriental music when he was 16.

After the high school diploma, he started his college classes in L’institut supérieur de musique de Tunis in 2015 and got a bachelor’s degree in Music and musicology in 2018.

He participated in many festivals and technical projects such as The International Carthage Festival, Jem Festival, City Festival in Tunis and played – in Tunisia  – with many bands and groups: from wedding bands to cruise ships, and participated in many great intercultural projects ( He is playing actually in Electro Btaihi Band with the violin player Zied Zouari).

Photo credit: Ar Salim