Age: 27 years old

Country: Malta

Samuel Mallia is a Maltese classical saxophonist currently in his second year of a Master of Music Course at the Royal College of Music in London, studying saxophone performance under the tuition of Kyle Horch. Throughout his artistic development, Samuel has had the opportunity to study with and attend masterclasses led by a multitude of world-renowned performers and pedagogues, including Antonino Mollica, Hayrapet Arakelyan, Lars Mlekusch, Simon Diriqc, and Arno Bornkamp. Throughout his musical career, Samuel has performed both as a soloist and as part of diverse ensembles within several venues across Malta, France, Italy, and the UK. Most recently, he was invited to perform as a soloist with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra at the prestigious Manoel Theatre in Malta. Samuel’s performative career has not been limited to classical performance repertoire but has also extended into broader interdisciplinary and intercultural ventures. Such experiences have served to push the boundaries of his artistic knowledge and identity and have been instrumental in both his personal and professional development.

Alongside performance, Samuel is also interested in the academic study of music, particularly in socio-cultural issues surrounding music education and educational policy within Malta. His current research project addresses the reluctance of music educators in adopting multicultural approaches within their own pedagogies. Samuel intends to develop his research further by means of community engagement initiatives and further academic work through doctoral research. Samuel is currently supported by the Dr. Michael West scholarship, the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation, the Janatha Stubbs Foundation, and the ENDEAVOUR Scholarships Scheme.

Photo credit: Mario Mallia