Suleyman Hakan GÖRENER


Age: 42 years old

Country: Turkey

Süleyman Hakan Görener was born in Eskisehir in Turkey. He started playing guitar during his University years while he was studying engineering. He formed several bands with friends, and took part in many projects until now.

Kaymaklı Ekmek Kadayifi (K.E.K.), his first band, has given him the opportunity to perform in festivals and to be rewarded in some competitions. They record two demo albums consisting of their own compositions inspired by jazz, rock and Turkish folk music. Then, he has been a part of Fi Grup, a Turkish classical music band, he participated in by playing percussions for a while.
He took a part in Fernondo Perez’s Music in Turkey project by playing the Bendir and the Darbuka. After a while, he came back to guitar in Fi Grup to play and arrange Turkish Makam music.

He is actually studying in a master program in Istanbul Technical University – Music Department (Center for Advanced Studies in Music: MIAM) in microtonal guitar and working with Tolgahan Çoğulu.
In the meantime, he is working as a software developer in a company.

Photo credit: Focus Fotograf