Youssef BRINI


Age: 29 years old

Country: Tunisia

Youssef Brini, a Tunisian violinist originally from Sfax. Started playing violin from the age of 7 years old; had many important steps in his violinistic life. His potential in classical music appeared with the Romanian professor Bogdan Grigoras on 2010 where he start having a classical repertoire.
In 2013, he got his Baccalaureate and choose to continue on music in the Higher Institute of music in Sfax.
During the three years in the university, he was a member of the Chamber Orchestra of Sfax conducted by his violin professor Andrea Ciorenchi Grigoras.
Got his license on 2016, and applied as a master degree student in Tunis, the same year he was accepted to play with the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra in the Symphonic Session. His experience with the MYO continued on three successive years (2016, 2017 and 2018). This important participation made him ready to be a Co-Solist in the Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra.
Apart from his studies in classical music, Youssef plays the Tunisian traditional music, Oriental, Turkish music and had lessons of Jazz Violin with the professor Zied Zouari. This variety of music styles creates a composing and arranging talent.
His involvement in the Aix-En-Provence Festival gives him a chance to have a good social communications and a cultural exchanges.

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