In the frame of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Medinea launches its outreach programme aiming at assisting the emerging artists to develop and carry an outreach project. A call for proposals was addressed to Medinea’s artists community.

The projects are all musical, addressing a clearly identified audience (often with little access to music), conceived in collaboration with a local structure from the artist’s residential area (schools, associations, social institutions, hospitals, prisons etc.), and linked with the theme « Heritage and Creation ».

9 projects have been selected for the label 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage and will take place from 15 September till 31 December 2018 :

The Exchange, by Ozan Baysal (Turkey)
At the heart of music, by Sophie Chabert (France)
Essences musicales, by Etienne Fauré (France)
Jessr / The Bridge, by Ghazi Khanchouch (Tunisia)
Le Bric à Brac Musical, by Thomas Lestrelin (France)
Madaniyat, by Anwar Saidi (Morocco)
Piano master class with double bass : initiation to improviation without music theory, by Leïla Soldevila and Pascal Neveu (France)
Voice in prison, by Sarah Théry (Belgium)

Stay tuned to follow the development of the projects!