We are a Community

Thanks to the funding of various supporters over the years, Medinea has been able to actively work to promote unifying dynamics within its community of artists and cultural partners through an intensive activity program multiplying the opportunities to meet.

Using also online platforms and community management techniques, Medinea brings together the different members of this vast geographic community that transcends nations and borders, and promotes social inclusion within communities.

Medinea is active in 17 countries of the Mediterranean basin and is made up of festivals, cultural centers, music forums, and higher education institutions. Being part of the Medinea network means being part of an international community of artists. It helps generate a feeling of belonging to a common space, the Mediterranean basin, and facilitates dialogue around shared values, heritage and memories.

We Believe in Intercultural Dialogue

Opportunities for young Mediterranean artists to move around geographically, collaborate, and create music together in order to explore and renew this musical heritage is not as frequent as it is in Europe. Over the years, the Medinea network has facilitated mobility and moments of intercultural encounters through collective trainings.

Intercultural dialogue undeniably fosters and stimulates the development and acquisition of many skills for the artists of tomorrow such as the pursuit of excellence, the ability to listen to others and dialogue with respect, and goodwill, which can allow for innovative ideas. Globally speaking, we believe that the promotion of diversity through intercultural dialogue is a possible answer to extremism and fanaticism.

We Support Social Inclusion

We believe in equal opportunities and are against all kinds of discriminations. The selection of artists, as well as the recruitment of pedagogical teams of the Medinea activities, are carried out with particular attention to gender equality and diversity. We make our best to ensure a balance between women and men as well as between the different Mediterranean influences (Latin, Balkan, Middle East, Maghreb…) with an opening towards various professional backgrounds. Beneficiaries from programmes supported by Medinea are all treated equally: the activities are completely free and administrative support is provided to all when needed, especially as regards to visas processes.

The social responsibility of artists and institutions is at the center of Medinea’s considerations when designing new projects. Through Medinea activities, young artists acquire the necessary tools to conceive creative and high quality outreach projects. This is a key point for cultural institutions that are committed to finding and retaining new audiences and to building stronger relationships with their audiences. Medinea tries to help the artists to create new ideas and make music, and the arts scene in general, more inclusive and accessible.

We Train the Artists of Tomorrow

Medinea is now more than ever confronted with the need to be skilful, responsive and creative. The current sanitary crisis has served as a reminder of the importance of being able to respond quickly and to adapt to changing circumstances. This ability to adapt has played an essential role in maintaining the link between the artists and partners during this unique and unprecedented time of isolation and lockdown.

This is part of Medinea’s mission to permanently revise our training programs to be consistent with societal challenges and enable young artists to gain the necessary entrepreneurship skills to develop their career in a highly competitive environment.

Just like our society, the field of music has changed over the last 20 years. Technological advancements, globalization, geopolitical and environmental upheavals have all contributed to these changes. Cultural institutions and young artists alike have to face these changes head on.