Members of the Medinea network met online last week to discuss their respective news and to start working together on the network’s activities and meetings for the upcoming year 2022, as well as to get to know the brand new interactive pedagogical programme Medinea On Air.

Mediterranean Youth Orchestra‘s deputy director, Pauline Chaigne, gave a brief presentation of:
-The ongoing auditions for the selection of participating artists for the upcoming Medinea and Symphonic sessions.
-The programme of the 2022 symphonic session
-The ”Grand Orchestre” project
-The cross-over between the Medinea and symphonic sessions for the very first time in July 2022 during the Festival d’Aix.
-The other activities of the MYO as well as the ambition of the Festival d’Aix and the MYO teams to set up new actions for the professionalisation of the artists participating in the sessions

The director of the enoa and Medinea networks, Stéphanie Deporqc, for her part, presented the Medinea On Air programme, designed and implemented by 6 partner structures of the Medinea network and supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

The Medinea network coordinator, Fanny Roustan, continued this overview of future activities with:
-The presentation of the pedagogical content of the Medinea On Air webinars
-The introduction of the dissemination and communication tools planned by the coordination team, the MYO and the 6 partners of the programme.

The meeting ended with the announcement and planning of the next Medinea Meetings scheduled for July 2022 in Aix-en-Provence with a meeting of all the members of the network, the Erasmus+ partners, a public conference on the online programme as well as the end of session Medinea concert during the Festival d’Aix and the willingness to include it in a cycle of professional meetings in collaboration with the Académie du Festival d’Aix and the enoa network.