Today, we received an email from the European Commission stating that Medinea’s application to the Creative Europe – Culture sub-programme has been selected!

We got great feedback for our project’s objectives which are the recognition and promotion of the Euro-Mediterranean area’s musical heritage through collective and intercultural musical creation. These forms of creation lead to meetings and dialogue between civilisations established within the same territory, and allow this heritage to be valued and passed on to future generations, young artists and the public. The aim is to share the richness of the Euro-Mediterranean musical heritage and its multiple influences, and to show how and in what way this heritage can be a source of inspiration for contemporary creation.

In Tunisia, Italy and France, the project offers training opportunities for young singers and instrumentalists coming from all the Mediterranean countries:

– Intercultural Creation Sessions supervised by the jazzman and composer Fabrizio Cassol, mixing collective creation based on the existing heritage and musical encounters with the public

– Outreach Training Workshops led by Mark Withers, community education project leader at the London Symphony Orchestra, with practical applications in the field.

The funding will also enable to create a website, and support the meetings of the Medinea partners!