These training sessions help participants gain professional skills that are vital today so that artists can carry out innovative and participatory projects for highly diverse audiences. Experimentation and musical improvisation are the core of the learning process: they help individuals develop their creativity by drawing inspiration from their own cultural heritage and encourage intercultural initiatives.

In every session, participating artists will encounter diverse audiences far from the world of the performing arts, in order to apply their newly acquired skills directly in the field. These encounters, developed by Mark Withers, are part of outreach programs organized by Passerelles*, an educational and socio-artistic department of the Festival d’Aix.

These three sessions welcomed 39 emerging artists from 14 different countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey & United Kingdom and 182 beneficiaries during field applications: schoolchildren, students, migrant families, single young mothers and autistic adults.

For more information or to see pictures or the participants’ lists and profiles, click here for the Introductory, the Comprehension and the Project development sessions.

*Passerelles leads awareness-raising events, as well as projects with nearly 5,000 participants, thanks to relationships forged with over two hundred schools, universities, associations and social institutions.