Casa Árabe was established in 2007 as a strategic center for Spain’s relations with the Arab world, a meeting point where different role-players and institutions, both private and public can dialogue and interact from the worlds of music, cine, arts, literature, etc but also business, education and politics. The program of activities takes places in the two headquarters of Casa Árabe, one located in Madrid and the other in Cordoba, which embodies a very strong symbolic relevance due the city´s importance in the historical context of Al Ándalus.

The institution’s ultimate goals are, spreading knowledge of the plural and varied contemporary Arab cultures, support the cultural agents form the Arab world to give visibility and voice to their production, channelling inter-cultural dialogue and providing analysis and mediating in the socio-political changes which are affecting Arab and Muslim countries.

Contact person:

Nuria Medina
Coordinator of Culture
Casa Árabe