Fondation Hiba is a nonprofit association created in 2006 as an Initiative of His Majesty the King of Morocco. It supports the development and promotion of art and culture in Morocco, by empowering artists, entrepreneurs and other cultural associations. The mission of Fondation Hiba consists in democratizing access to culture for all Moroccans, especially the youngest, as it considers culture and art as a medium of openness, self-knowledge and self-expression. A big part of Hiba’s action is also dedicated to semi and professional artists, technicians and cultural entrepreneurs. We have developed several programs and tools to support their professionalization, such as training programs, musical production programs, Resources center, and so on.
Fondation Hiba runs Cinema Renaissance in Rabat, a major cultural center that hosts a cinema, a cultural café and a multidisciplinary lab, and also Studio Hiba, a world-class recording studio in Casablanca.


Younes Boumehdi, General Director
+212 (0) 5 37 73 80 49

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