Istanbul Technical University / Dr. Erol Üçer Center for Advanced Studies in Music MIAM (Turkey)

MIAM is a music research center and music graduate school program of ITU established in 1999. The aim of the institution is to provide a contemporary academic, scientific, and artistic study platform in the area of music, to offer an international-level education with instructors from different countries, and to foster interdisciplinary studies via national and international projects. Academic staff at MIAM comprises of 2 professors, 9 associate professors and 16 instructors from different concentration areas of music. Currently 73 Ph.D. students and 141 masters students from various disciplines in music study at MIAM which has one big and two medium concert halls, a large music library with printed and audiovisual materials, and a state-of-the-art professional music recording studio.
MIAM organizes several workshops, concerts, seminars, recitals, and international/national conferences with student participation under the tutelage of academic staff and MIAM directorate. Some of these events such as conferences have been materialized in partnership with other institutions. The events are held in order to improve the students’ fund of knowledge, to provide experience with active participation of the students, and to reveal their creativity and potential.

Here are some instances of events and activities organized by MIAM:
-Hezarfen Ensemble/MIAM partnership (student/instructor project)
-MIAM Chamber Music Concerts
-Istanbul Modern Music Ensemble (IMME) (student/instructor project)
-MIAM Marimba Project/ Project/MIAM (student/instructor project)
-MIAM Electroacoustic Concerts
-Karakulak Ensemble Project/MIAM (student project)
-Müzik Köyü Project (Lecture and Concert supported by MIAM)
-Erasmus Partnership with «The Liszt School of Music Weimar »
-ITU/MIAM Piano Festival (student/instructor Project)
-Music Expression Seminar Series
-MIAM Colloquium (student seminars)
-MIAM Masterclass Series

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yelda Özgen Öztürk
0090 212 247 17 33

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