Public Institution Montenegrin Music Centre, based in Podgorica, is the main carrier of musical life in the country. It was established in 2006, and by its founding act, it integrates all vital segments of the national music culture such as the symphony orchestra, national orchestra, concert agency and music-information centre. Activities of the Montenegrin Music Center imply the organization and realization of concerts of various music genres, and musical theatre settings, as well as the promotion of Montenegrin musicians’ creative work and performance, and the preservation of national music heritage. The institution has its publishing sector and organizes various courses for all educational levels. Complementary activities within MMC are planned to include a shop of music instruments, music books and CDs, as well as instrument repair service. Through diverse projects, the Montenegrin Music Centre develops and realizes cooperation with similar international entities.

Contact person:
Amela Frljuckic
Mobile phone:+38268299701

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