Since its foundation in 1926 by Greek national composer Manolis Kalomiris, the National Conservatory has been a leading institution for music education in Greece. True to its mission, it has been actively spreading and making accessible the study of classical music to the popular masses. To this end, many branches of the National Conservatory were established across Greece and Cyprus.
The main aim of the National Conservatory is to provide general music education to students of different ages and levels and to train artists in all specific branches of instrumental and vocal music, as well as in theory. Furthermore, its objective is to prepare and promote the career of soloists, music teachers and composers.
Its particular contribution is the continuity of its cultural heritage in combining the study and promotion of classical music alongside Greek traditional and Byzantine music.
Τhe National Conservatory actively participates in the cultural development and artistic life of Greece, through the production of musical projects and of various educational initiatives.
The Head of the National Conservatory is Hara Kalomiri, who is also a piano teacher and the artistic direction is under composer Periklis Koukos.

The long-term experience of the National Conservatory of Athens in music education can serve the platform in various ways. Besides its standard curriculum courses, the institution can organize and execute live and/or online courses of advanced music theory and composition, provide master classes in different classical musical disciplines or work on alternative artistic projects that emphasize interdisciplinary communication.
More specifically, with the aim of supporting emerging artists in their final stage of formation and preparation for the international scene, the institution can offer the following projects:
• Master classes with distinguished musicians
• Workshops of composition in general as well as song composition based on contemporary poetry
• Workshops involving the development of creative and innovative projects in the fields of classical, modern or traditional music combined with other forms of art
• Experimental laboratory using music technology and other contemporary means to produce new artistic works
• Explore possibilities to further promote music education for soloists as well as groups in the different Mediterranean music genres.
• Stage events that will bring public awareness to selected above mentioned artistic projects


Ethnikon Odeion – National Conservatory
Mager 18,
Athens 104 38, Greece |(301) 5248 304 – (301) 52 33 175
Hara Kalomiri, General director | (301) 9818 130
Central Secretariat (for registrations and other information) : +30 210 7240 673

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