The Cairo Conservatoire is one of seven institutes of the Academy of Arts. It was inaugurated on October 1959. It has the following departments:
*Wind & Percussion
*Composition & Conducting
*Chamber Music & Piano Accompaniment

The Cairo Conservatoire has the following artistic groups:
*Academy of Arts Symphony Orchestra
*Wind & Percussion Orchestra
*Conservatoire Youth Choir
*Conservatoire Children Choir
*Conservatoire Junior Orchestra
*Conservatoire Strings Junior Orchestra
*Chamber Music Group

Children who have nine year old could apply at the Institute till they obtain the General Secondary Certificate. Then they enroll in the High stage (university stage), most of them continue studying till they obtain the Master and the Doctorate.
Basic Education:
10 Years:
4 years Primary
3 Years Prep.
3 Years Secondary
4 Years Higher
1 Master’s
2 Doctorates

Strings: Violin/ Viola/ Cello/ Doublebass/ Harp
Wood wind Instruments:
Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/English Horn/ Bassoon
Brass Wind Instruments:
Xylophon/Vibraphon/Marimba/Timpani/ Tam-Tam/Sner/Drum/Bassedrum/Castagnett/Triangel/

The Cairo Conservatoire has a unit at Alexandria.

Contact Person:
Dean of Cairo Conservatoire
Prof.Dr. Magdy Said
Tel. 011 469 044 55