The Higher Institute of Music of Sfax was founded in 1999 following the decree n° 559 of 1999 adopted in the 8th of March 1999 in the Tunisian Official Journal n° 24 of the 23rd of March 1999. This great event can be considered as one among the most important leading decisions witnessed by Tunisia in the new era. A time that has fixed the principle of diversification in academia specialties under a whole national project that seeks to ensure a bigger number of different sections and departments which can satisfy students’ and researchers’ choices as well as marketplace requirements.
The Higher Institute of Music of Sfax, is a high education institution that has an organized administrative body working in conformity with a scientific program which sets goals for long and short terms and in coordination with music and musicology teachers. The main aim of the Institution’s administrative body and educational staff is to advance the field of music and musicology and to form a Tunisian young generation on the basis of theoretical and applied scientific programs found in and followed by developed countries.

Institut Supérieur de Musique Sfax
B.P. 143 Sfax maghreb; Sfax – Tunisie
Tel. +216 74 246 728
Fax: +216 74 246 718

Contact Person:
Helmi ben Nsir (chef de département)
+216 74 246 728

Nabil FAKHFAKH (enseignant ancien directeur)
+216 97 27 55 78