The Higher Institute of Music of Tunis (ISM) was founded in 1982 under the decree/order issued number 862 on July 26th 1984 organizing the Institute. The institution was under the supervision of both the Ministry of Culture and The Ministry of Education and Science as stated in the first chapter of the former order/decree: “The Higher Institute of Music of Tunis is a higher education and scientific research institute under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, and it is a public institution of an administrative nature, with legal personality and financial independence.”

The supervision of The Higher Institute of Music of Tunis was transferred from the Ministry of Culture to the Ministry of Higher Education under the order number 2006 on October 19th, 1998.

The objectives of the Institute

-Transferring the musical knowledge among students and developing their artistic abilities and refining their talents in the music field.
-Providing experience in composition and playing on musical instruments as well as discovering the potential in audio performance and working on its further development.
-Research in local and worldwide musical heritage throughout the study, analysis and documentation.
-Contributing to the cultural radiation through music production within the organization and outside it.

The areas of Training in the Institute

The institute includes two sections: the department of basic music composition and the department of musicology and general composition. Students are therefore trained in the following specialities:

-Basic License in music and musicology (music and musicology/music performance speciality)
-Master’s degree in music and music science
-Ph-D in cultural sciences, music and musicology speciality

The theoretical training is based on courses aiming at deepening the students’ musical instinct through teaching theoretical subjects such as history, singing techniques, voice/sound science, instruments science, analysis of Arab and Western music, Musicology and all its branches, research methods and documentation, fieldwork, audio-visual means, educational psychology, Arab language and arts, foreign language, artistic singing on stage…

Concerning the scientific research, the supervising professors and their students undergo studies and research linked to the vibrant heritage and to the music field in general, and they work on creating a musical documentation agenda that may be the nucleus of a research centre specialized in analysis and comparison within the units of research.

Adress: 20, RUE DE PARIS – 1000 TUNIS
Tel. +216 71 257 526