The Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana (UL AG) is the only Slovenian higher learning university institution for the entire field of music, and as such it has a national significance for the development of Slovenian music composition, performance and education fields. The basic mission of the UL AG is offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral university learning programmes as well as offering further education and permanent education programmes for musical arts and music education professions. In addition, the UL AG promotes music performance and composition, as these are immediately connected with music education. In collaboration with other members of the University of Ljubljana, the UL AG conducts and develops research activity in the fields of humanities and social sciences and endeavours to promote artistic research. With its work, the UL AG promotes the development of the Slovenian music field, making it comparable with Europe and the rest of the World.

Nina Podlipnik
International office UL AG. University of Ljubljana, Academy of Music (UL AG)
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Photo credit : Miran Kambič