The Department of Music Science and Art was founded in 1996. Its mission is to provide its students with a quality, well-rounded education by fostering the conditions that will allow for the fertile interaction between the diverse fields of applied and theoretical music studies. The Department offers four set majors in:
1. European (Classical) Music
2. Byzantine Music
3. Greek Traditional (Demotic) Music
4. Contemporary Music
This department aims at cultivating and developing students’ technical skills and capabilities to perform instrumental and vocal Western music, as well as Byzantine and traditional Greek music.
Its goal is to enhance and promote the science and art of Western, Byzantine, and traditional Greek music (as they evolved) from their beginnings to today. According to the 363/20.9.96 Presidential Decree, the Department promotes the formation of various ensembles, like orchestras, choirs, and other instrumental and vocal music ensembles, that will successfully represent Greece in the international music scene at the full spectrum of European, Contemporary, Byzantine and Traditional Greek (Folk) Music. The Department also promotes research study and performance of the traditional Greek and of ecclesiastical music as these have evolved through the ages from antiquity and Byzantine times to today.


Thimios Atzakas – Assistant Professor / University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece
Dept. of Music Science and Art | 0030 6975733230
Général contact: +30 2310 891.101

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