Location: Casablanca / Rabat - Marroco

Madaniyat -led by Anwar saidi and Youssef madani- is an educational project that takes the form of a concert for young audiences. Its aim is to make young people aware of the traditional musical heritage thanks to the parallel that can be established between Arab-Andalusian music and the Western classical musical universe.

This project will allow the public to discover the famous Ziryab (The Blackbird), which is at the origin of the Andalusian heritage and one of the major figures in the history of Arab-Andalusian music, as well as the remarkable baroque music of JS Bach. .

During this educational concert, we will present two musical instruments. The oud, principal instrument of Ziryab, and the cello, for which Bach wrote one of his major works: the six suites for solo cello.

We will first explain the form of the dance suite in Western classical music, let us detail the link that exists with the sequence of airs of the nouba, specific to Arab-Andalusian music and that we can consider as its origin. We will specify how the Western Baroque period was inspired by the Persian culture of the ninth century.

We will then unveil the similar structures of the two forms (prelude / touchia, German / albsitte …) as well as their relationship with poetry in Arab-Andalusian music.

We will finally highlight the difference between oral transmission music and musical notation.

We will play the different dances of Bach’s first suite as well as extracts from the Nouba A’rk Laajam.

We will create a space of exchange and sharing with the participation of the public, at the end of the concert, to sing together a movement of Nouba (Chams Al Achiya).

The last quarter can be devoted to a series of questions and answers so we will discuss about this common experience.

Place :

Association Sourire d’espoir pour l’aide aux enfants hospitalisés et/ ou démunis Rabat – Casablanca Maroc

Centre al mouallim Agdal – Rabat Maroc