Bernat Cucarella Sifre


Age: 20 years old

Country: Spain

Bernat Cucarella Sifre was born in Alzira, a town in Valencia, Spain. He began studying violin at 4 years old, at 6 he entered regulated education, and at 8, he chose his instrument, percussion. Until then, he had always shown an interest in music: he built his own drums, played toy saxophones, and enjoyed watching concerts. During these years, he was able to attend two jazz summer courses that opened his eyes to improvisation and creative music.  Meanwhile, he attended modern music dance classes and practiced circus arts.
At 14, he premiered his first work and since then, he has created many works and arrangements for different ensembles (orchestra, percussion ensemble, and solo, with electronics …) and for different styles (jazz, classical, contemporary, minimalist …).
At 16, he decided that he wanted to do an artistic baccalaureate focused on the performing arts and put aside his career in mathematics, his other possible option. It is worth highlighting the obtaining of honors in the baccalaureate as well as in the previous academic courses. In music, he also received this recognition (in elementary and professional degrees).
He entered the superior conservatory of Valencia in the specialties of composition and percussion, obtaining outstanding grades and various enrolments in which those of composition stand out. He is currently preparing for the jazz piano superior degree too.
As a composer, he highlights the selection at the Tarab festival, as well as the commissioning of work for the Ensems festival within a pedagogical project. He receives classes from Voro García, a composer of contemporary music known in Europe.
As a vibraphone player, he highlights the scholarship in the Valencia Berklee Summer Performance Program to perform the Boston Berklee Summer Performance. Right there, they also granted him the scholarship that covers half of the degree studies in Boston. In the first program, he met Víctor Mendoza, a Berklee vibraphone teacher and a great international player with whom he has received private lessons from that moment on. Also, he plays in different music groups like some Big Bands or Screaming Pillows.
All the information that he has received about art throughout his training is reflected in the different works that he composes, being the stage, the electronics, and the coexistence of different styles, elements that are widely used in his discourse.

Photo credit : Vicent Cucarella Tormo