Age: 30 years old

Country: Tunisia

Hamdi Jammoussi had a master’s degree in music and musicology interpretation and chose the percussion field to work on and to prepare his PhD.

He started playing percussions since his childhood, precisely the traditional and Tunisian style. He is actually working on western music and especially the latin one.

He worked with the artist Nour Mhanna with whom he got the chance to be on the stage of many Tunisian (in Carthage, Sousse…) He is a member of  the WAW band; they performed 4 concerts in India in 2018.

Besides, he belongs to the Rouh Gang headed by Rami Ourabi too. They had a remarkable experience performing in France twice. Moreover, he is working with the young talented Mortadha with whom they visited Paris twice to perform.

Photo credit: Maryem Jammoussi