Age: 26 years old

Country: Tunisia

Islem was born in 1994 in the south of Tunisia, he started singing since his very childhood, aged just 10 years old. After the training he had in a music school (conservatory in Medenine, his homeland), the professors couldn’t help but notice how special his voice was and encouraged him to participate in different regional competitions where he won the first prize as a singer, in Medenie, Tunisia, in both 2019 and 2010.

Islem Jemai started his professional singing career in 2011. In 2013 he had the professional singer card, with that and with his very strong music knowledge background, he moved to Tunis where he met different musicians from different backgrounds, and sang with important and high caliber singers such as Mr. Mohammed Lassoued, Mr. Mohammed Ali Kammoun, and Mr. Zied Zouari along to the national orchestra of Tunis. Despite his young age, Islem Jemai participated in international Tunisian festivals like the biggest Tunisian festival of Carthage, Hammamet…

Later, he decided to settle in Marseille to start his scientific research in a project that works on the Tunisian south East traditional and cultural Bedouin music, working on adapting it to the urban public. He is now in his second year of his research master.