Joseph AOUAD


Age: 33 years old

Country: Lebanon

Joe Aouad a guitarist, Composer/Arranger who discovered his passion for music at a very young age, speaking the language before learning how to read and write it.

Joe’s style can be described as a bouquet of his influences, for he was exposed to the enchanting melodies of oriental (middle eastern) music since the get-go and later became fascinated by the freedom of expression in jazz, the fluidity of Baroque counterpoint, the innovative contemporary classical music, and the groovy African rhythms which are evident in his arrangements.

The current ongoing musical projects for Joe are:

-Project Tanween
A duo featuring Flutist/Shinobue player and composer Nobuko Miyazaki.
They play their own arrangements of traditional Arabic and Japanese music, along with their own original compositions.

-The Moniquartet:
They take rock and pop music and Color them in different shades of Jazz.

Apart from being occupied leading his bands and backing up others, Joe is also a guitar and music theory teacher at some prestigious music schools in Beirut.

Notable performances:
-The Aix en Provence festival (Intercultural creation Session in Ai-en-Provence, 2018).
-Beirut international jazz festival.

Regarding the future, Tanween Projects are expecting an album with some international collaborations and perhaps an electronic touch.

Photo credit: Bruno Rumen