Location: France

This intercultural creation session of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra is designed to a dozen of future professional musicians from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region (France) and from the Mediterranean practicing musical improvisation (jazz, traditional musics…) if composition. This training session offers an intercultural experience of an ensemble life in creation, rehearsals and concerts on tour within the stimulating frame of the Festival d’Aix. The intercultural creation session of the MYO provides a unique intercultural creation and collective composition training where a dozen of young artists can benefit from the experimented coaching of Fabrizio Cassol, jazzman and composer, in order to produce their own collective and original music.

Broadcast of the ending concert available here!

Every year, almost 600 musicians apply to one of our audition organized in twenty countries of the Mediterranean and some 100 young talents are selected to participate in one of the MYO’s sessions.

In coproduction with the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra. The MYO is supported by: