Age: 32 years old

Country: Tunisia

Freedom, Joy and Sharing !!
This is what represent music for Moonyr Ben Hbal, or simply Moo, born on the 10th of December in1991 in Sfax-Tunisia.
Began his first steps of enjoying the music with his grandmother and his family, Moo started at the age of 6 the education of music on the regional conservatory of Sfax where he starts to play, to listen and especially to read that wonderful codification of sheets.

After serious courses of different music contents such as Malouf, rythmique, solfège …etc and guitar, Moonyr decided to take music as profession and a way of life by continuing the learning of music on the Institute after his baccalaureate.

On 2011, he founded his first musical project « Bakhouch », based on the style of Gnawa, Kabylian music, and Reggae to express his freedom through some lyrics against Totalitarians systems and Wars.
He shared his music with his musician friends from his city and sign a convention with the French Institute of Tunisia, and performed many concerts in different cities in Tunisia, including the music fest on 21st of June in the French house of Sfax. And on 2013, the project was selected to be appeared on a film produced by France 5.

As he is fond of composing, Moo participate in two different editions of Estikhbar Festival of Music produced by the Music Institute of Sfax, the first participation was on 2015 with « Ouras » a composition with Kabylian chant and some jazz reflections on guitar, however, the second was on 2018 with « Mad Samai » a composition based on traditional Arabic rhythm with some Oriental Metal and jazz rock reflection. This composition won the first price of the Festival.

After his graduation in licence in music, Moonyr decided to move to Tunis to continue his career as musician searcher by applying on a research master, and also by participating in many workshops with talented musician from his country, for instance, on Indian rhythmic approach with the violinist Zied Zouari, on jazz harmony with the guitarists Fawzi Chekili, Mehdi Azaiez …

On 2018 he was selected by the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence as singer for Medinea’s Intercultural Creation Session led by the Sax player from Belgium Fabrizio Cassol. A member of 11 musicians from different countries of the Mediterranean, there he did workshops with the drummer Stephan Galland for polyrhythms, and with the flute player Jorge Pardo for Flamenco music, too.

Now he’s going to move to Paris to study on « Imep Berklee music of Paris » to achieve another dream as well as learning more and more the Jazz music and the Guitar playing aiming to launch his own new musical project and playing with the very talented musicians around him.

Photo credit : Mojehed Modjo