Age: 27 years old

Country: Italy

Matteo is a guitarist, singer, and composer from Vicenza, a small city in the northeast of Italy. He started studying classical guitar at age 10. In 2015 he obtained a degree in electronic music at the conservatory of Vicenza. In 2018 he graduated in composition and classical guitar at the conservatory of Amsterdam. He is currently studying jazz guitar at the conservatory of Milan.
Studying jazz allowed Matteo to discover the world of improvised music and instantaneous creativity. Moreover, his experiences with Medinea introduced him to even more ways of improvising and interacting with other people, integrating and reshaping his global perception.

Matteo spends the vast majority of his time trying to learn how to express himself truthfully, spontaneously, and in the present moment.

His main project is the experimental duo “i sordi”.

Photo Credit: Leonardo Guerra