Nikolas Delivasilis

Traditional Violin

Age: 23 years old

Country: Greece

Born in Alexandroupolis, Greece, Nikolas started traditional violin lessons at the age of six with the violin player from Thrace, Kyriakos Petras. He graduated from the 4th General High School of Alexandroupolis. Since 2011, he took part in many events and performances of traditional dancing groups as a member of the orchestra and in music festivals all over Greece. He worked, recorded, and performed with local musicians and artists. In addition, he had many workshops and masterclasses about music and singing of Thrace from Hronis Aidonidis, Vaggelis Mammos, Giorgos Giarenis, Nikos Alvanopoulos.
He is a holder of higher classical music theories and he has taught traditional violin in conservatories. Since 2018 he participates in “Violione” orchestra of the University of Macedonia with Mr. Giannis Zarias as the responsible professor. In the academic year 2019-2020, he took part in rehearsals, performances-tributes to Greek composers with the “Youth Symphony Orchestra of Greece”. He has attended series of seminars entitled “The reflection of Art in disability” and “Traditional Violin in Samothrace island”.
Also, he is a member of the Byzantine Choir of Holy Temple of Agios Therapontas, Thessaloniki, with the lead singer Dr. George Patronas. Today he is a student at the Department of Music Science and Art, at the University of Macedonia with a specialization in interpretation and performance of traditional violin. He is also self-taught in Laouto and guitar and he is involved in sound recording programs.

Photo credit: George Markopoulos