Age: 29 years old

Country: Morocco

Omar AJBABDI, alias Omarhaba, is a Moroccan artist who plays traditional-modern fusion music inspired by Gnawa, Hassani, and Amazigh traditions.

As the younger brother, he has been initiated from an early age into the basics of music by his brothers and into traditional songs by his mother. Animated by this passion, he founded his first musical group at the age of 9 and started to go to the front stage during school shows.

Singer, author, composer, and influenced by world music, he continued his research on the history of Hassani/Berber music and formed the group Manina in 2012 to revive this rich cultural heritage and share it across the world on international stages.

Then, after moving out to Paris, he decides to continue his journey with the “Omarhaba” project: the name, which mixes his first name Omar and the Arabic term “Marhaba” meaning “Welcome”, was chosen as a warm invitation to all humanity to get together in music for peace and love.


Photo credit: Zakaria Latouri