Age: 20 years old

Country: France

Thomas Lestrelin began piano and percussion at the Avignon Conservatory, before joining the Aix Conservatory.

Thomas has appeared as a drummer in a variety of musical worlds such as festivals, Jazz and Current Amplified Music. He regularly plays with the Avignon Provence Regional Orchestra.
He is also involved in various mediation projects and contemporary creations, as in 2018 with the Opera “Orfeo and Majnun” at the Festival d’Aix.
He meets other artistic worlds such as dance, which leads him to collaborate with dancers, especially during creation with the dancer Sylvain Bouvier in 2018.

Currently a musician, drummer/percussion teacher and dance accompanist. In 2017 he is the co-founder of the association A442, aiming at the promotion of the living arts.
Finally, as a passionate musician, he shares his experience during a cultural mediation project as a drummer and percussionist at the Aix-en-Provence Festival and various other structures.