Age: 29 years old

Country: Tunisia

Native from Sfax in Tunisia.
University degree in music and musicology in 2018 at the Music University of Sfax. Belongs to 24 perfumes headed by Mohamed Ali Kammoun and the orchestra of Malouf of the University.
She started teaching music in a private school in 2017 she also participated in many festivals such as:
– Festival of Madine with Mehrziya Twil et Zied Gharssa in 2016 and 2017
– International Festival of SFAX with Saber Rebai and Free Tempo group headed by Hatem Ammous in 2016
– Sfax Capital of Culture with both Saber Rebai and Angham in 2017
– Arabic Festival of Singing Students and get the fifth price in 2017
– Istikhbar Festival and get the first price with Vmouvement group in 2019

Photo credit: Omar Baklouti